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At Thumb Coast CBD, we offer safe and effective plant-based solutions to help you look and feel your best. Our products help to restore the body's natural endocannabinoids which may help with various bodily functions such as relieving pain and discomfort. Research suggests it may help regulate sleep, appetite & digestion, mood, learning & memory.
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Welcome to Thumb Coast CBD
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Tested & Approved

Thumb Coast CBD is family owned. Each one of us offers a specific talent to make the final CBD products the best possible for consumption by ourselves and our valued clients. All our products are tested by a third party lab and carry Certificates of Analysis (COA). COAs are a useful tool for evaluating CBD products, especially if you're comparing across brands or formulations. A certificate of analysis is a report from an accredited laboratory that details the chemical analysis of a substance, in this case, a CBD product. Every batch of our CBD products are tested individually, and a COA is generated for each product we produce. 
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Care & Attention to Detail Produce the Best Possible Products for Consumption

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Quality CBD Products You Can Trust
Why Choose Us?

Here at Thumb Coast CBD, we take pride in helping clients in Marysville and surrounding areas with their health & wellness needs. We know that there are several other companies to choose from. That's why we go above and beyond creating our products for ourselves and our clients to help set ourselves apart. From the moment you enter to the moment you leave, you’ll receive highly personalized attention along with the best products on the market. Here are three more reasons to choose Thumb Coast CBD:

✓ Top Notch Products
At Thumb Coast CBD, we take pride in creating quality CBD products crafted by our local farmers. All of our staff have years of extensive training, certification and experience with producing our CBD products.

✓ Michigan Grown, Family Owned
One reason for the care and attention to detail is that Thumb Coast CBD is family owned. Each one of us offers a specific talent to make the final CBD products the best possible for consumption by ourselves and our valued clients.

✓ Health & Wellness is Our Priority
It's not just about our personal health & wellness... As we’ve learned more about this incredible plant and the business, we’ve heard more and more from friends who see the same need for this product to be more readily available. Friends with aches & pains, soreness, anxiousness, ect. have all wanted a more affordable and transparent market for CBD products. We hope to fill that need. We know what it’s like from personal experience to need these products to live a healthy life, and we aim to help as many families access this remedy as possible.
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Common Conditions We See:

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• Concentration

• Focus

• Anxiousness

• Joint Issues

• Fatigue

• Sadness

• Sugar Levels

• Immunity Boost

• Gut Issues

• Obesity

• Pain, Soreness

• Stress

• Weight Loss

• Pet Skin Issues

• Pet Anxiousness

• Pet Mobility

• Overall Appearance

• Anti-Aging

• Anti-Inflammatory

• Fall Asleep Easier

• Focus, Concentration


• Pet Car Sickness

• Pet Excessive Barking

Clients Use Our Products For Physical, Psychological & Neurological Well-Being.

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CBD Information, Tips & News 

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The Difference:

While CBD and THC are from the same plant species, they are very different. CBD is derived from hemp plants, THC from marijuana.
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CBD Gummies vs Oil: What to Know

To get the most out of CBD, it’s important to be aware of the different ways you can take it and how to make it work best for you. 
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Many of the traditional pain relief options out there come with a range of potential side effects that can be harmful to your dog.
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Customer Testimonials
Real People. Real Results.

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“Ever since I started taking CBD products, I have looked so much more refreshed. I look many years younger. I’m excited to continue being proactive with my health and appearance.”

- Ken C.
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“I love the service and the staff here. They are so knowledgeable and helpful making it very easy for me to understand the benefits of CBD and treating my ailments. I have been enjoying the results without any side effects.”

- Victor D.
Brian mercado rm7rzydl3ry unsplash 960x960 circle
“I recently received some CBD gummies as a gift from a friend who thought it would help with my fatigue and insomnia. I absolutely love my results! I didn't realize the products were all natural and plant-based!”

- Lauren M.
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“As a Chiropractor who sees several patients dealing with various forms of pain and discomfort that aren't receiving any benefits from the pain mediations they are on, I am constantly referring people to Thumb Coast CBD and seeing first-hand the benefits my patients are experiencing from their products.”

- Dr Ryan H.

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