Our Story

For us, everything circles back to family. Our family is the reason why we got into this business, plain and simple. Achieving all that we have has only been possible because of our family’s commitment to one another. The initial purpose of our product was to help our family, and we want to help as many other families as possible.

Like any family, we’ve had our highs and lows, but with all due modesty, we’ve probably been through the wringer a bit more than most. About a decade ago, we faced a family tragedy that shook us to the core. It could’ve torn us apart entirely, and it did indeed result in some unhealthy relationships needing to be cut. But for those of us who stuck together, it made us take a look at what – and who – really mattered most. Through compassion and patience, we got through the worst of it, and we got through it together.

A tragedy like ours leaves scars, and not necessarily the visible ones. Some of us have suffered insomnia, PTSD, and anxiety in the aftermath. We’ve tried traditional pharmaceutical medication, which has actually caused more harm than good. We searched and searched, and in the end, CBD is what was able to alleviate some of our worst afflictions. It has been, as it turns out, our saving grace.

Just when the law was passed in the State of Michigan to legalize the growing and selling of hemp, an opportunity arose for us to manage some land and grow our own. We got together as a family, and after an efficient and enthusiastic meeting, decided to pursue this endeavor together. Beyond the financial prospects, we saw this as a way to grow closer, and help others in the process.


As we’ve learned more about this incredible plant and the business, we’ve heard more and more from friends who see the same need for this product to be more readily available. Friends with arthritis, neurological disorders, and autoimmune diseases have all wanted a more affordable and transparent market for CBD products. We hope to fill that need. We know what it’s like from personal experience to need these products to live a healthy life, and we aim to help as many families access this remedy as possible.

After all, we are Michigan grown and family-owned, and we intend to stay that way.

Michigan Grown – Family Owned

Each of us has a role to play in our family business. Here’s how we fit into the picture.

Kyle McCalmon


Kyle McCalmon is a well respected professional in the hospitality industry. With 30 years of experience under his belt, both owning his own restaurant and consulting, Kyle has a keen eye for understanding both the logistics and cultural needs to make a business successful. Through his consulting he has helped clients elevate their standards, establish best practices and streamline processes.   

As the CEO of Thumb Coast CBD, Kyle is able to channel his business expertise into a cause he truly cares about. He is dedicated to providing our clients with a product that is made with the utmost care, and every step, from seed to sale, is done with quality in mind. Kyle has enjoyed researching the benefits and science behind CBD products, and in turn educating customers so that they fully understand what they are purchasing.


Mara McCalmon

Sales Manager

Mara McCalmon’s background is in education, having taught  elementary and junior high school for over 20 years. She also coached several sports teams and was involved in many extracurricular programs and activities.   

Her passion has always been her family and helping others, so becoming the sales manager for the family business was a perfect fit.   Through research and resources, she has been instrumental in putting together a product line with only the very best ingredients and care. Any products or ingredients that are not made directly by the family are sourced with quality and ethical standards in mind. She ensures that Thumb Coast CBD clients are getting a product that is effective and that they can be proud to purchase.  

Mara is committed to helping clients understand what goes into each product and how it is intended to help them. Her goal for Thumb Coast CBD is to educate and improve the quality of life of each of its customers.


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